How To Make Money On Youtube 

Hi guys welcome to our site with another article. In this blog we are going to talk about how to make money on YouTube. Youtube is a free sharing videos platform which makes us easy to watch online videos. There is 2Billion plus users login in all over the world. It is an excellent video upload platform. Today I’ll tell you complete detail of make money on YouTube.

Make Money On YouTube

Here are some strategies which can make you help to make money on YouTube.

Create you YouTube Channel

Firstly, you have to make a YouTube channel. This is very simple and easy to make a YouTube channel.

  • Sign in YouTube on your computer or mobile phone
  • Then click on your profile now you’ll see create a channel option
  • If you want to create channel then click on “Create Channel”
  • Enter your email address then also enter account name and photo and confirm to create your channel.

Choose your content

After making YouTube channel, choose your content on which you are able to making a videos. You can making video on different topic like Technology, Vlogging, Music, Food related, Education and there is many more content you’ll get on internet.

Upload Videos On Your Channel

After select your content now you have to start upload videos on daily basis about your content. Show determination on your work and do your work with honesty. Give some quality content to your viewers. Keep your viewership Frank with you.

Channel Monetization

The mean of cahnnel monetization is your video have ability of earn money. For channel monetization you need minimum 1000 subscriber and 4000 hour times on your videos then you are able to apply for channel monetization. If your cahnnel are complies with YouTube policies then you’ll get approval of monetization on your YouTube channel. Now YouTube allow advertiser to give Ads to your videos and you’ll get income from the ads watching by your audience.

Make Money On Youtube By Permotion

If you have large number of audience on your YouTube channel then many companies will contact with you for permoting there products you can charge your fee instead of it. This is another very worthy method of make money on YouTube.learn to Know Trading Here

Launch Your Own Product

You can take advantage of your audience and can make money by launching your own product. You can easily sell your product by permoting it on your own channel. This is a big advantage of becoming a influencer.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money form your YouTube channel by affiliate marketing. You can share others products with your audience for sell and you’ll get comission on every product sell. Some companies also could be reached out you for affiliate marketing.

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